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Yeeep! Ten years now. @_@

6 years now!

2013-03-19 11:55:42 by Gawayno

In regards to the last post. Took some flash classes, and learned Pixel art, so I might do something in here. Possibly not, don't know.

Damn, it's been so long...

2012-01-10 14:54:43 by Gawayno

Wow, it's going to be 5 years from now since I've been on Newgrounds. So much of my life has changed throughout my internet life.

But anyways,
Glad to be here for 5 years now.

Greetings, Newgrounds.

2007-10-13 16:04:38 by Gawayno

hello, newgrounds.

I am Gawayno, Polish-Silician.

i found this site since i was like 10 from my older sister.

I went to this site for the pico collection before it broke apart.

there was also alot of stuff i went to this site, but there is too many to say.

Also, my favorite Mascot of newgrounds is Pico, and the reason was the three game: Pico's school, Pico vs. Uberkids, and Pico vs. Bear.