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6 years now!

2013-03-19 11:55:42 by Gawayno

In regards to the last post. Took some flash classes, and learned Pixel art, so I might do something in here. Possibly not, don't know.


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2013-03-19 13:34:52

I guess you just did? :P Welcome back!

Gawayno responds:



2013-05-16 12:16:33

thanks for the nice revive and do you use photoshop when doing 8 bit or what program do you use :P? its really nice =)ยจ

And i will tell you that i have never took an art class or done anything like this before so this is really my first month i put this much effort in creating anything besides playing XD

and i say it is really fun but time consuming andits something i do for fun and to learn something freely without tutorials or anything but im really glad you like my shirt =) it will be worked on and be improved much in the few days i got now =)

hope you will follow my progres further and maby provide some help if you have some experience in using sketchbook pro or photoshop please consider helping me with some tips and tricks =)


(Updated ) Gawayno responds:

All right, I'll do the best I can to see your progress!

Also, thanks! I use a google chrome program called make pixel art. It's a really great tool! Try it.

And hey, no problem! I do my best to motivate and cheer on people's work!